KSN Anchors

Ancon KSN Anchors simplify concrete slab-to-wall construction joints when compared to other continuity systems.

This system is quicker, easier and above all, safer.

It eliminates the need for on-site bar straightening and the drilling of formwork or concrete. The system replaces hooked anchorage bars and stirrups, thereby simplifying bar scheduling and minimizing congestion in the wall.

The timber carrier supporting the anchors is positioned against the formwork at the required location of the adjoining slab and fixed with nails.

When the concrete has reached sufficient strength, the formwork is removed to reveal the face of the timber strip with the protective tape.

The KSN anchors are to be used only with CXL parallel thread continuation bars provided by Ancon. The connection should then be tightened by using a hand wrench. No torqueing is required.

Slab reinforcement should be installed to the Engineers details.

A detailed guidance is provided for the construction project when the KSN system is provided.


KSN Anchors are delivered to site
pre-assembled as independent rows of anchors.
The timber provides an additional 33mm of embedment
to each KSN Anchor and, after removal, provides a shear key for the joint. By increasing the embedment depth, the capacity of a KSN Anchor is improved.

There are eight standard anchors in the KSN range. They are manufactured from highly reliable alloy steel.

Wall / Slab Section - KSN Anchors at top and bottom
KSN Anchors at top and an Eazistrip system on bottom
KSN Anchors at top and an Ancon Coupler Box on bottom

A modified concrete failure with paired arrangement of KSN anchors used in testing.

Timber Anchor Carriers with anchors are installed in the
reinforcement cage of the wall.

Using KSN anchors with timber carriers in the walls of “Lakhta-centre”

Using KSN anchors with KSN-Box in the reinforcement cage of the wall of “Lakhta-centre”

width: 50%;

Installation of KSN anchors with KSN-Box in the
reinforcement cage of a wall