ANCON CXL parallel threaded couplers

Full-strength connection, quick installation, reliability

HALFEN cast-in channels

Channels for time-saving installation of different equipment

DETAN Rod System

Load bearing elements and interesting design

Ancon KSN anchors

Simple connection of reinforced concrete elements

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“NPO Energomashservice” is an exclusive distributor of Ancon Building Products in Russia

LLC “NPO Energomashservice” was founded in 2001 by a group of military naval architects. The main focus of the company is implementation of modern and high performance technologies in heavy, industrial and civil construction. The technologies we provide comply with the requirements of Russian and European standards, norms and safety regulations that exist in different industries of construction, such as but not limited to nuclear power generation industry, hydraulic power industry, construction of bridges and tunnels, high-rise construction and other industries where general civil construction requirements as well as high standards of reliability and durability are applied.

“NPO Energomashservice” is an exclusive distributor of Ancon Building Products, UK, in the Russian Federation. One of the main features of Ancon’s technologies is providing methods of full-strength connections of reinforcing bars. Ancon Building Products are one of the world leaders in technologies and application of such reinforcing bars connections: they develop, manufacture and deliver various types of couplers for construction projects of any size, design and reliability requirements.

Additionally, the company offers other solutions for reinforced concrete buildings: KSN Anchors, Shearfix Punching Shear Reinforcement, Tension and Compression Systems.

“NPO Energomashservice” is a distributor of HALFEN GmbH, Germany, and owns exclusive rights to represent this company and distribute its products in specific construction industries with high reliability requirements to projects. HALFEN GmbH focus on mechanical systems of fixing elements, equipment, cables, pipelines, façades etc. These systems allow making the installation process itself as well as all other related works (such as maintenance, repair or remodeling) during the service life of the building cheaper and easier.

All the technologies that we offer are provided with highly-qualified engineering and technical support throughout the building process.

Our company owns manufacturing facilities that give us extra opportunities for metal processing and reinforcement cages preparation for different types of connections, including Ancon mechanical coupling. Being the representative of the companies that have flawless reputation of their Engineering departments and Management, who have exceptional experience in building, lots of reliable, durable and often unique projects in more than 30 countries of the world, we focus our efforts on conforming our principles to their high standards of engineering support and offering our customers the best technologies in addition to quick technical support and on-time deliveries from our metal processing facilities.