Ancon Tapered Thread Couplers

Ancon Tapered Thread couplers are designed for the majority of applications which require the joining of rebar with diameters of 12 to 55mm.

The compact design of each coupler ensures suitability for use in confined situations where space is restricted or where the loss of cover must be minimized.

Types of Ancon TT Couplers

Standard Coupler

The Standard Tapered Thread coupler is suitable for connecting two bars of the same diameter, where one bar can be rotated.

Positional Coupler

The Ancon Tapered Thread Positional coupler is designed to be used in applications in which neither bar can be rotated.

Transition Coupler

The Ancon Tapered Thread Transition coupler is used to join reinforcing bars of different diameters where one coupler can be rotated

The couplers can achieve failure loads higher than 115% of the characteristic load of the smaller rebar

Tapered Thread Weldable Couplers

Ancon Tapered Thread Weldable couplers provide a convenient means of connecting reinforcing bars to structural steel plates or sections

Tapered Thread Headed Anchors

The Tapered Thread Headed Anchor provides an alternative method of achieving rebar end anchorage within concrete

  • no need for hooked rebar
  • reduced congestion
  • simplified bar placement

Installation of Ancon TT couplers

The coupler is normally put on the threaded reinforcing bar in the reinforcement shop. The internal threads of the coupler are protected with a plastic cap.

Plastic or rubber end caps are put onto the threaded bar ends.

After the continuation bar is put in the sleeve and rotated into the coupler, tighten the joint to the specified torque using a calibrated torque wrench on the continuation bar.

The coupler is supplied fixed to the reinforcing bar, ready to be installed and cast in concrete.
After casting the concrete, the plastic end cap is removed from the Coupler and the continuation bar is rotated into the coupler.

To ensure correct installation, tighten the joint to the specified torque using a calibrated torque wrench on the continuation bar.

Equipment and tools:

Threading machine

Torque wrench


Easy design and construction of concrete structures


Can be used in cryogenic environment (-168°С/-278°F)

The quality of joints is not dependent upon the concrete quality or reinforcement diameter

Wall-slab joining

Wide range of types and applications