Reinforcement system HALFEN HDB and Ancon Shearfix

Ancon Punching Shear Reinforcement system – Shearfix - is the ideal solution to the design and construction problems associated with punching shear

The system consists of double-headed studs welded to flat rails

The weight of a slab supported on a column induces shear stresses in the slab, which may result in the column ‘punching’ through the slab and destruction due to the punching and not bending. This is why the column head that supports the slab is the most loaded area, where the slab is punched through and failure occurs.

Although punching shear can be relieved by localised thickening the slab, it has negative impact on the reinforcing, the formwork, and reduces the room available.


  • Significant time saving compared to conventional construction methods;
  • Higher load-bearing capacity compared to traditional crosswise reinforcement;
  • Formwork materials saving when using flat lower slabs with no column feet
  • The thickness of the slab can be reduced without reducing the load-bearing capacity;
  • The system can be used with columns of any cross section;
  • Simple installation. Shearfix is suitable for all column shapes and is easy to install either ‘top down’ or ‘bottom up’.

LLC ‘NPO’Energomashservice’ is an exclusive distributor of Ancon Building products (UK) and a registered distributor of HALFEN (Germany) in the Russian Federation.

Ancon Shearfix

Halfen HDB


The Punching shear reinforcement system is developed according to the requirements of the design. The amount of pieces, size, spacing and layout are determined with relevant calculations.

Note: d- design thickness of the slab

Installation of the Punching shear reinforcement is simple. It is easy to install either ‘top down’(after the rest of the rebar) or ‘bottom up’.

Different layouts of Punching Shear Reinforcement rails are possible depending on the shape of the column and the distance from the column to the edge of the slab.

Radial Layouts

Orthogonal Layouts

Ancon provides a free design program to simplify the specification of a Shearfix system. The software makes a drawing of the reinforcement in the schematic, which can be attached to the engineering detailed design.