Ancon CXL Parallel Thread Couplers

Full Strength, Speed, Reliability

Ancon CXL Parallel thread couplers are designed for the majority of applications which require full strength joints of rebar with diameters of 12 to 50mm.

Reinforcing bar preparation for Ancon CXL joints

Automatic quality control


The end of each bar to be joined is cut square for even distribution of load while forging and for the correct performance of the coupler in the joint

Cold Forging

The core diameter of the bar is enlarged by cold forging up to a certain value

Thread Cutting

Parallel metric right hand single threads are cut onto the enlarged ends.

Proof Loading

The threaded end is then proof tested to a force equal to the characteristic yield strength of the bar, which allows removing the internal stress of the threaded area

Types of Ancon CXL Couplers:

Standard Ancon CXL Couplers:

CXL Type A

The CXL Type A system is suitable for applications where the continuation bar can be rotated

CXL Type B

The CXL Type B system is used for applications where it is difficult but not impossible to rotate the continuation bar

CXL Type C

The CXL Type C system is used where the continuation bar cannot be rotated

CXL Type D

The CXL Type C system is used for applications with high standards of fatigue and/or cyclic reliability characteristics of the joint

Transition CXL Couplers

The Ancon CXL Transition coupler is used to join reinforcing bars of different diameters where one coupler can be rotated

CXL Headed Anchor

CXL Headed Anchor can reduce congestion, simplifying bar placement

CXL Welded Couplers

CXL welded couplers provide a convenient means of connecting reinforcing bars to structural steel plates or sections.


Joints can be placed
in one section

External walls of the core

Spillway unit

Full strength joints

Reinforcing cage


Cable bridge towers

High speed of joint preparation